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The second step looks different depending on what was selected depending on direction in step one. If you selected "From Outlook to Resource" bookings from the Calendar in Outlook will be shown (see picture below) or if you selected "From Resource to Outlook" bookings from Resource will be shown (see picture further on).

In both cases only bookings that is within the stated interval in step one will be shown. In the picture below there are 2 bookings from Outlook. The blue is origination from Resource but the red is probably created in Outlook and has no natural connection with Resource.

Välja bokningar Next step Previous step Cancel Select all records Unselect all records Records from Outlook. The blue one originates from Resource, NOT the red one

If you selected "From Resource to Outlook" there is an extra possibility to select a specific resource or all resources. As default bookings for all resources are shown. By selecting a specific resource only the selected resources bookings are shown.

Tip! All Columns in the list of bookings can be sorted on. Click on the heading for the column, e.g. "Start", and the list is sorted according to that column. This function is toggling, i.e. for each click on the column heading for a column the list is sorted either ascending (A -> Z) or descending (Z -> A). This makes it easier to find the bookings you are for.

If you click on the button 'Next' you will be taken to the next step and If you click on the button 'Previous' you will be taken to the previous step. The 'Cancel' button will shutdown the program.

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