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  Resource selection

If you selected "From Outlook to Resource" this step is shown where you select which resource should receive the bookings from Outlook. You can only select one receiving Resource. If you have bookings coming from Resource these can be updated by selecting "Update existing bookings" instead of a selected receiving resource.

Resursval Next step Previous step Cancel Select status for bookings in Resource Here you select receiving resource If selected, the resource which the booking came from, will be updated If selected, the module can create overlaping bookings!

NOTE! This does not work for bookings created in Outlook! They have no natural connection with any resource in Resource. For such bookings you have to select which resource they should be booked on in Resource. In this step you also select what status the new bookings shall have in Resource and if it is allowed with overlapping bookings in Resource.

NOTE! Read more about overlapping bookings in the manual for Resource. If you selected "From Resource to Outlook" this step is not shown, instead you will be taken to the next step.

If you click on the button 'Next' you will be taken to the next step and If you click on the button 'Previous' you will be taken to the previous step. The 'Cancel' button will shutdown the program.

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