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This step consist of connecting fields in Resource with fields in Outlook. Here you select where the information shall be placed in the receiving program. These connections is for transfer of information to both Resource and Outlook. The arrow above the button "Add" indicates which direction the information is going. In the picture below bookings are fetched from Outlook to Resource.

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By selecting a field in the left list (fields i Resource) and then selecting a field in the right list the button "Add" will be enabled. When you click on it the selection is added to the list "Connection" below. This step is repeated for each field you want in the transfer. NOTE! Start and end times is set automatic.

Tip! You can repeat one field several times, e.g. "Note" can be connec-ted to both "Text" and "Subject".

If you click on the button 'Next' you will be taken to the next step and If you click on the button 'Previous' you will be taken to the previous step. The 'Cancel' button will shutdown the program.

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