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Want to see how the booking situation has been?


Analyze how bookings are divided?

This add-on module for Resource gives you a possibility to see and to analyze e.g. the covering of your resources. The module has a number of defined reports and diagrams and it comes in the form of a guide. By choosing some options in a few steps the module produces the reports.

These reports can be created with different tools, Excel, Word or with an internal tool. If you choose Excel or Word (from Microsoft Office 97 or newer) you have the possibility to edit the report. To create diagrams you need to have Excel in the computer where this module is installed. If you use the internal tool you will see the report in a preview window and you can choose to print the report.

See pictures (screen shots) from the module.

NOTE! The pictures and the sample reports are currently only available in Swedish but the text for the pictures are in English. We are working on the translation of these to English.

Below you will find some samples of reports that are saved in Pdf-format. Values in these reports are fictitious and only for demonstration purpose of the different reports. Click on the icon in front of the report you want to look at. The report is opened in a new window which you can close when your finish.

  Numbers per status. Shows numbers of bookings divided per status within a given time interval. It also shows the sum per resource and status and mean value. A diagram shows the numbers in the respective status color.

  Numbers of starting per interval. This report shows numbers of starting bookings divided on hour-groups and resources. And the sum of both resources and hour-groups and mean value for hour-groups.

  Bookings report, numbers per status. Shows a table with numbers of bookings per resource and status for selected time interval, with sum and mean value.

  Booking report, time per resource. Shows sum spent time per resource, percent of work time and mean value for selected time interval.

  Starting bookings. The report shows start time, status and note for the bookings that have start time within selected interval. You also select which status should be in the report.

  Time per resource & status. Here we show spent time per resource and status for selected time interval. You have the possibility to show a warning level to indicate those resources that do not reach the selected level. The report also shows sum and mean value per status and percent per resource. Values are shown in a diagram with status in its color.

  Optional fields & statistics. This report will print any field for bookings per resource and time frame. You can choose to have statistical values such as count, mean value, standard deviation, variance, and more.

  Old bookings. Here we create a list with resource, booking number, start time and customer. Also the count of bookings is shown that matches your selections.

To be able to view the above reports samples and other Pdf-documents, you need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3 or newer. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download a free copy from the Internet by clicking the icon below.

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