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Download Resource here

Test the latest version of Resource free for 30 days to see how easy it is to use and what it can do for you. When Resource is started the program will ask for a registration key to register the program. If you only want to test drive Resource then click the 'Close' button and you can continue to use the program for 30 days without a license.


Select 'Save to disk' and state the directory where you want to put the installation program for Resource. Find the file (Resource.exe) and start it by double clicking, or select the option 'Run...' on the Start menu. (The file is where your web browser saved it.) This will start the installation program

NOTE! When you start the installation you select language English or Swedish for the installation. Depending on your choice you get the holidays in Resource in the selected language and other language dependent features.

If the computer is connected to the Internet most of the day you download the version here. The advantage is that you only register with us once per computer. Consecutive years will not need any new keys.

If you're not connected to the Internet please contact us for an alterna-tive version.

Note! If you want to change from one type to another you must download the full Resource the first time. Once this is done it is enough with the updating. Contact DataPartner if you have any questions.

To start Resource select 'Resource' under the Start menu - Programs. To uninstall the program select 'Resource' in the list under the option 'Add/Remove program' in the Control panel in Windows.

NOTE! All information you put into Resource will be available when you register the program

NOTE! To login in to Resource the first time state username admin with a blank password.

NOTE! The version has limitations compared to the registered version: max 5 resources will be shown in the main window until the program has been registered.

*** Current version of Resource is ***

From version 4.1.250 you will find both Statistical and Outlook module included for free.

P.S. You can download a free version of the manual for Resource here.

To register your licenses via Internet, select this file:
Download Resource Download a full version of Resource (approx.: 5 MB

Already have Resource version 4.x in the computer? Select the updating file here:
Download update for Resource Download the newest updating of Resource (approx.: 1 MB).

If you are not connected to Internet please contact us for a version using e-mail for registration.

LIMITED RESPONSIBILITY: DataPartner, their employees or DataPartners dealers, will not be liable for damages inclusive, but not restricted to, profit loss, loss of stored information, discontinued operation, or any other financial damage due to use of our programs.
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