You will have full control over your resources, by using our flexible time planning program.

The booking program Resource. Click on the picture to enlarge.
Click on the picture to enlarge

Take control and computerize your work. Start working with our time booking program Resource today! Resource is adjustable to your business.

The booking program Resource gives you:
- a quick overview
- control over your resources
- fast access to information
- an easy to use interface for the users
- and much more...

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New version
of the booking program Resource!

We have released version 4 of Resource which makes it even more flexible and easy to book resources. Here are a few of the improve-ments and news in the new version:

- See reports and graphs for all your resources! Now the Report & Statistic module is included in Resource.
- Select number of status with own colors and your own text
- Unlimited numbers of attached documents for a booking
- Unlimited numbers of standard texts per user
- A resource can be active or not
- Add your own holidays
- Produce reports in both Word and Excel
- Improved menu system
- etc...

Download your copy here.


For Resource we have modules to increase the functions.

Read more about Report & Statistic module
Read more about Outlook module

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